the origin of

OnPoint Mobile Bicycle Repair

... and a bit about that wild motorcycle


Every Tuesday night, I eat tacos from the food truck stationed outside my bike shop, Recycles. I’ve owned Recycles for the past 10 years, and in the past several years, I’ve eaten a lot of those tacos.

The rise in food truck popularity got me thinking. I see people haul their bikes in to my shop every day. But the burden is on my customers to get their bike here, wait for it, and haul it back home. Even though Recycles is known for on-the-spot and same-day repairs, customers still have to jump through several logistical hoops to get their bikes into the shop. Back to the food truck. I thought, why not make the same Taco Tuesday level of convenience available to my customers?

That was the beginning of OnPoint mobile bike repair. With my specialized motorcycle repair operation, I decided that I would start offering greater convenience to my customers, on their schedule, and deliver the same expert repairs for a small flat fee.

Garrett at 2x2 cycles built me a custom bicycle carrier for my BMW motorcycle so I could transport two bikes. Between the two bike racks, I mounted a Park tools repair stand. I have a truing stand, air compressor, and all of the parts, accessories and tools needed to complete bike tune-ups and repairs.

Repairing bikes and educating riders is why I’m in this business -- and now I can do those things on my customers’ terms. When I don't have appointments on the weekends, look for me at local trailheads, where I’m helping keep riders riding.


See y’all out there.



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